Jobsite Visit #7

February 4, we finally filled the blocks to the top with concrete.  The house might not look any stronger when viewing it from the internet but we think it looks stronger.  The concrete trucks delivered 4000 psi concrete with pea gravel.  The pea gravel was necessary to make sure the concrete could flow into all the voids.  

It might look like we were walking on the top of the blocks, but I am pretty certain we were standing on scaffolding.  From left to right on the picture below, Doug is carrying buckets of concrete to top off the areas that need a little more concrete.  Derek's wife, Rhonda, is smoothing the top of the concrete and setting bolts that will be used to put the roof on.  Patrick, the president of Golden Roc, is using a concrete vibrator to make sure the concrete flows into all the voids.  To the right, Derek, who has personally set and leveled every block on the house with the help of Rhonda and Doug, is filling the voids with concrete. 

This is the view from the great room to the second floor landing. 

The only block work left is putting in the window stools, ledges, and watermark.  The picture below is of a window stool.  The two holes will be covered up by the window frame. 

This is a picture of the window ledge.  Again, the gray areas are all covered up by the window frame. 

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Further info on concrete and along with window
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