New progress update (February 6, 2008)!!!

Patti and Jay's Quest for a Hurricane-Proof Home:

The Golden's Dac-Art residence is finally under way!  Patti and Jay Golden lost their beachfront home in Biloxi, Mississippi when hurricane Katrina made landfall on the Mississippi gulf coast.  Their home was three bricks thick, 90 years old, and over two stories tall.  The home was seemingly indestructible, but it was nothing more than a pile of bricks in the wake of Katrina.  We always believed that building a house out of bricks on a solid foundation is the best way to build a house.  After seeing what happened to the previous home, we now know that bricks don't even hold up to major storms.  Jay and Patti decided that they were never going to take another chance with a storm.  They researched every option available on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and decided that Dac-Art is definitely the best solution.  Dac-Art provides both strength and beauty.  Dac-Art blocks are precast concrete blocks.  The Dac-Art method builds homes that are over 14"  (up to 36") of solid concrete and rebar.  The finished look is similar to an Italian stone structure.  They are hoping to make the home as economical as possible.  The thermal mass and r value of the home help create an economical home, but they are also going with a Geothermal Air Conditioner with a closed loop system. (WARNING!!! update : The Water Furnace Geothermal A/C was a disaster. The company refuses to assist us in correcting the issues with the system. The units are both lemon's and have not worked correctly since the day they were installed - WARNING!!!)

Click to view picture of their home before Hurricane Katrina

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